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Volkswagen Caddy Van still the 5th most popular light commercial vehicle in Ireland 2022

The Volkswagen Caddy Van is essentially a highly acclaimed family car from the most recent generation of the VW Golf with a van body instead of a passenger car body.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Caddy Van handles nicely as a result and it’s still in top 5 popular LCVs in Ireland, on a growing trend. It’s definitely one of the best vans money can buy at the moment. Besides the official rise of VW Caddy registration in Ireland, Insuremyvan.ie also experienced an increase of insurance quotes for this van.

VW Caddy vs other vans statistics

According to CSO, VW Caddy’s category’s – Total LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles) – registrations fell by 19.99% between 2021 and 2022. However, a rise of 0.58% was observed in the first month of 2022 compared to 2021 but has been on a decline since.

Also, 2021 contributed to 81.73%, whereas 2022 contributed to 84.11% sales of manual LWCV (Light Weight Commercial Vehicle) by transmission.

As a brand, Volkswagen was the 3rd biggest seller of light commercial vehicles in Ireland in 2022, after Ford and Toyota, with 2,842 units sold – a 12.5% decrease compared to 2021 (3,248).

Among the best-selling LCV models in 2022, the VW Caddy van occupies the 5th place, after Ford Transit Custom Commercial, Toyota Landcruiser Commercial, Ford Transit Van, and Renault Masters Van. In 2022, Volkswagen sold 1,073 Caddy vans, a huge 20.97% increase compared to 2021.

Volkswagen Caddy

Caddy Van in the Volkswagen family

The Volkswagen Caddy Van features one of the best family connections available.

It has a relation to the popular VW Golf, albeit a somewhat tenuous one these days. Both vehicles have similar sizes, are popular among their respective customers, and have developed cult followings during the years they have been on the market. They have also been known to share engines.

Thus, the Caddy Van stands apart from numerous competitors while the VW Transporter van continues to be the brand’s advertising emblem. This little van’s popularity also increases the attractiveness of used vehicles, boosting estimates of residual value and used market prices.

VW Caddy commercial van

Technical data for VW Caddy van

It is built on the renowned MQB platform, which the Volkswagen Group utilized to build a variety of small hatchbacks and family vehicles, including the Audi A3, Skoda Octavia, and, yes, even the most recent VW Golf. Therefore, this Caddy ought to feel more like a car than ever when negotiating corners.

Thanks to a thoroughly modern 2.0-liter diesel engine that benefits from a clever twin-dosing AdBlue system to reduce NOx emissions, it is also more refined and less polluting than previous versions. Volkswagen also offers the Caddy Van in a petrol version with a 1.5-liter engine if you’d rather fill up your Caddy Van at the green pump.

For instance, the steering reacts fast to your inputs, body lean is constantly under control, and there is a surprisingly high level of grip. Regardless of whether the back is loaded or not, the latest version of Caddy Van has coil suspension, a more sophisticated rear suspension system than most vans, so it rides lumps and bumps with remarkable finesse.

The inclusion of the 2.0 TDI diesel engine is another feature. When it first begins, there is a slight grumble, but once it is moving, it is so quiet that it is difficult to tell you are driving a van.

There are three power options available for it: 74 bhp with 184 lb-ft of torque, 101 bhp with 207 lb ft, or 120 bhp with 236 lb-ft. All three are turbocharged, so they all have plenty of oomph at a variety of speeds.

However, as is frequently the case, we believe the middle 101bhp engine, which provides plenty of power for a range of tasks, is the sweet spot.

All versions come equipped with a six-speed transmission, which is an uncommon and welcome trait for a compact van because many entry-level cars are given a five-speed by default. The change motion is smooth and deliberate, and the gearbox itself is an excellent complement for the engine.

Edd China has done a very compelling video review of the 2022 VW Caddy van, watch it below for more info.

VW Caddy van: equipment, features & options

The 10-inch screen is far from perfect, despite its outstanding appearance. The menus are incredibly confusingly organized, and to make matters worse, there are no tactile shortcut buttons to easily move from one feature to another. Even adjusting the radio’s level can be difficult, especially because this is a working vehicle and its occupants may need to wear gloves.

Infotainment niggles aside, it’s a really modern and smart interior, and you get the sense that you are sitting in a vehicle of quality. It even has USB-C connectors, and there’s the option of adding wireless phone charging and a wireless connection to Apple CarPlay.

In terms of the driving position, there’s plenty of reach and rake adjustment for the steering wheel and a reasonable range of movement for the seat, so finding a comfortable position is relatively easy. Commerce Plus and Pro vans get a driver’s armrest and electrically adjustable lumbar support to make longer journeys more comfortable.

Volkswagen Caddy Van Commerce Plus and Pro variants include front parking sensors, respectively, to help alleviate parking concerns. Both a rear-view camera and a parking assistance system, known as Park Assist, are available as options for the van.

The Volkswagen Caddy Cargo is less spectacular when it comes to payloads because the maximum weight that a regular version can move is 687kg, and Maxi models are limited to 700kg. To put it into context, a Combo Cargo can transport more than one tonne, while the Ford Transit Connect, the Volkswagen Caddy Van most obvious opponent, can transport up to 967kg.

You have three trim options to pick from: Base Commerce, Commerce Plus, and Commerce Pro. We consider the Commerce Plus trim to be the best value because it comes with a number of genuinely valuable extras that the Commerce trim does not, including climate control, rear parking sensors, storage spaces under the seats, a driver’s seat armrest, and a multi-function steering wheel with leather trim.

Although the Volkswagen Golf’s 10.0-inch screen, which is standard on Commerce Pro, is absent from the Caddy Cargo, this is not a significant setback. Instead, we would just check the box for the optional 8.3-inch touchscreen, which is relatively affordable and a perfectly good device for most users.

It also benefits from an astounding array of safety features, most of which were taken from the Golf. Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is a standard feature; however, other features like lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, and road sign detection are all extras. It should come as no surprise that this van may be the simplest to drive on the market once you get the hang of the technology.

Caddy Van interior

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