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Best Selling Vans in Ireland 2024

Are you looking to buy a van in Ireland? You’re in luck! There are plenty of options out there in 2024 to suit your needs. Whether you’re a tradesperson, delivery driver, or small business owner, we’re here to help! And hey, we get it – finding the right van is just half the battle. You’ve also got to think about keeping it covered on the road. At, we’ve got you covered on both fronts. We not only provide the best value van insurance in Ireland, but we also share helpful insights and tips to make your journey to buy a van a breeze. So, let’s dive into the best-selling vans in Ireland this year and see why they’re causing such a stir among Irish buyers.

1. Ford Transit – The Workhorse of Vans

buy a van Ireland   new Ford Transit van

When it comes to vans, there’s one name that stands head and shoulders above the rest – the Ford Transit. It’s not just a van; it’s a reliable companion for countless Irish businesses. The Ford Transit is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a symbol of trust, versatility, and efficiency. Picture this: you’re on the road, hauling your equipment from one job site to another, or maybe you’re navigating the bustling city streets to make those crucial deliveries. With the Ford Transit, you’re not just driving a vehicle; you’re driving peace of mind. Its robust performance and trusted brand reputation mean you can tackle any task with confidence.

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But what if you don’t need all that space? Fear not – Ford has you covered with the Transit Connect. It’s the perfect blend of compactness and capability, ideal for those who need a smaller van without sacrificing performance. So, whether you’re a seasoned tradesperson or a budding entrepreneur, the Ford Transit family has a model that fits your needs. Trust in its reliability, embrace its versatility, and let it carry you and your business to new heights. It’s no wonder Ford is the best seller of light commercial vehicles in Ireland for the last number of years!

2. Renault Trafic – The Versatile Business Partner

buy a van   Renault Trafic van

When it comes to versatility and reliability, the Renault Trafic takes centre stage. This van is not just a mode of transportation; it’s your trusted business partner on the road. With its sleek design and chrome trim accents, higher-spec models of the Renault Trafic exude sophistication and style. And let’s not forget about those alloy wheels that add a touch of class to its appearance.

But it’s not all about looks – the Renault Trafic means business. Are you on the lookout for a reliable van to buy for your business in Ireland? Then, look no further! Business+ models come equipped with an eight-inch touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, ensuring you stay connected and productive on the go. Offering a smooth and economical ride, starting from just €32,715, Renault Trafic ensures you stay connected and efficient. Its spacious interior provides ample storage space for shelving units and cargo, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. Trust Renault Trafic to deliver on performance, reliability, and affordability, every time. In our opinion, this is a great contender when considering which van to buy.

3. Volkswagen Transporter – Quality Craftsmanship at an Affordable Price

buy van   VW Transporter van

When it comes to quality and reliability, the Volkswagen Transporter takes the spotlight. Renowned for its exceptional build quality and long-lasting performance, the Transporter embodies the essence of German engineering excellence. Starting from €35,245.00 when purchased new, the Transporter offers affordability without sacrificing quality.

The Volkswagen Transporter’s popularity extends beyond its performance; its iconic design and sleek appearance make it a favourite among Irish buyers. Volkswagen holds the third position among best-selling vans in Ireland this year, a testament to the appeal of the Transporter. Once the best-selling van in history, the Transporter continues to be a popular choice today. Plus, its electric version offers an eco-friendly alternative for environmentally conscious businesses. Trust in the Volkswagen Transporter to deliver on style, performance, and affordability, making it the ultimate choice for your business needs. This is a great choice for those looking to buy a van in Ireland this year.

Wanting to buy a smaller van? Check out Volkswagen’s Caddy Cargo. This a smaller and more affordable option, making it a top choice for those seeking versatility without compromising on functionality.

4. Toyota Proace City – Japanese Engineering Redefined

van to buy   Toyota Proace City

For those seeking Japanese engineering excellence, the Toyota Proace City ticks all the boxes. With its sleek design, advanced safety features, and efficient engines, the Proace City offers a compelling proposition for buyers looking to buy a van that delivers on performance and reliability. Starting from €26,600, the Proace City provides excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Its spacious cargo capacity, impressive for a smaller commercial vehicle, ensures you have ample room to transport your goods and equipment with ease. Plus, its comprehensive safety features are sure to help lower van insurance premiums.

Equipped with features such as an 8″ Touchscreen Display Audio with Smartphone Integration and cruise control, the Proace City combines convenience and innovation for a seamless driving experience. Whether you’re navigating city streets or hitting the open road, trust in the Toyota Proace City to meet your business needs with style, efficiency, and affordability.

5. Opel Vivaro – Eco-Friendly Innovation

Opel Vivaro van

With its electric version among its offerings, the Opel Vivaro is at the forefront of eco-friendly innovation in transportation. Boasting an impressive range and the ability to tow a trailer, the Vivaro Electric offers eco-friendliness and practicality for discerning buyers looking to buy a van in Ireland. However, the Vivaro is not solely about electric power; it also provides diesel options for those seeking traditional fuel sources. Starting from €33,595.00, the Vivaro caters to a range of preferences and needs, ensuring affordability and versatility.

Dependable, robust, and handling well, the Opel Vivaro excels in various aspects, including low emissions and strong fuel economy. Its low fuel consumption and large payload capacity make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for efficiency and reliability. With innovative design and advanced features, the Vivaro stands out as a symbol of quality and performance. Trust in the Opel Vivaro to meet your business needs, whether you choose electric or diesel, and drive into the future with confidence.

6. Peugeot Partner – Versatile and Affordable

Peugeot Partner van

Completing our list is the Peugeot Partner, a compact van that offers versatility and practicality in abundance. Perfect for those looking to buy a van in Ireland. Despite its smaller size, the Partner boasts impressive cargo capacity and manoeuvrability, making it a reliable choice for various business needs. With its nimble handling and efficient engines, navigating tight city streets and busy delivery routes is a breeze with the Partner by your side.

Starting from an affordable €27,560, the Peugeot Partner provides exceptional value for money. It can carry payload weights of up to 800kg, making it suitable for a range of tasks. Available in standard and long versions, the Partner offers flexibility to suit your specific requirements. Plus, with features like a reverse camera and car-like tech, including a silent motor, the Partner ensures a comfortable and efficient driving experience every time.


Choosing the ideal van for your requirements entails weighing factors like reliability, efficiency, and cargo space. Whichever van you decide to buy, you’ve got to be confident that you’re investing in a dependable and capable vehicle.

And don’t forget, once you’ve selected the perfect van, it’s crucial to safeguard it with comprehensive commercial van insurance. provides tailored insurance solutions to ensure your business stays on track. Visit our website today to get a quote and secure peace of mind on the road as you buy a van in Ireland.