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Top 5 Best Vans Worth Buying in 2024

The best van to buy is a good question and we’re here to answer it. We’ll take a look at some of the top vans on the market and what they offer. We have compiled a list below of the best vans to buy in 2024 for business owners and individuals.

Ford Transit

The Ford Transit is one of the most popular and reliable vans to buy in the market.  They are the go-to vans for many businesses. They are reliable, affordable, and have a lot of room for storage. The transit van comes in a medium or large van size, giving options based on what you need it for.

The Ford Transit has been around since 1965, making it a staple in Ireland and the UK for tradespeople through the 60s and 70s, and has been redesigned over time to keep up with changing customer needs.

Ford Transit Van





Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is becoming more popular in later years, newer models are boasting impressive voice control features.
This van is one of the more powerful vans, ranging up to 187 break horsepower with a 2.1-liter engine and being able to hold loads over 3000 KGs makes it a great van for any business or individual.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter





Citroen Relay

The Citroen Relay has up to a 4.07M rear floor load length making it a very long van, making it great for carrying long loads up to 3.7 meters, and carries a payload up to 1870kg. The Citroen Relay is very popular with people who want to convert it into a camper van for personal use.

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Volkswagon Crafter

The Volkswagon Crafter is a premium van in the market that looks great and the top of the range models boast a 2-liter TDI engine which makes it a very fast higher output van with up to 177 break horse power. They are known to be long and offer many options for high roofs, so you can carry tall loads in the van and it carries an amazing max load of 3500KG.

Volkswagon Crafter Van







Fiat Ducato

The Fiat Ducato is a very reliable affordable van that boasts over a 3-liter diesel engine, with up to 180 brake horsepower. The gear stick is not favorable by a lot of van drivers but does the job. The Fiat Ducato is a great affordable option to buy for any business or individual.

Fiat Ducato Vans








We hope our Van Buying Guide has cleared up most of your questions! If you need more help and support with finding the right van insurance for your needs, contact the customer support team today for a van insurance quote! For inquiries regarding non-commercial passenger vehicles, try to get some of Ireland’s cheapest car insurance quotes.

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