Van Insurance Claims & Assistance

Having to make a claim can be a daunting task so we have some helpful tips to get you through the process as quickly as possible. Remember if you need assistance or if there is something you are unsure about call Insure My Van on 016606900. We have also listed the emergency and claims numbers below.

If you’re involved in an accident

First and most important is to make sure you and others involved in the accident are safe. If there are any injuries contact the medical emergency services.

  • You must, by law, stop.
  • Report the incident to the Gardai.
  • Check to see if anyone is hurt or injured and if needed call an ambulance.
  • Don’t admit responsibility.
  • Before the vehicles are moved. Take photos of the scene, showing where the incident took place and any damage that your vehicle and any other vehicles sustained
  • Make sure to get the following details from the third party involved and supply them with your information: Name, address and phone number // Vehicle make and model // Registration number // Insurance company // Policy number. Take a picture of their insurance windscreen disc.
  • Contact your insurer as soon as possible while the details are fresh in your mind. The Van Insurance claims numbers for each insurer are listed below.

Make a Van Insurance Claim

If you need to make a claim or report an incident on your policy, please contact the emergency claims number listed below. Check your insurance certificate to confirm the insurance company and then contact the insurance via their claims number.

Breakdown Assistance

If your policy includes breakdown assistance, check your van insurance certificate for your policy number and contact the breakdown number from the list below.

Make a Windscreen Claim

If you have windscreen cover and need to make a claim for a broken or cracked window, check your insurance certificate for the correct insurer and your policy number and contact the preferred windscreen provider from the insurance companies listed below.

Insurance Company Claims Windscreen
Allianz 1800 779 999 1850 887 185 n/a
ARB 01 4061600 1850 887 185 1890 253033
AXA 1890 247 365 1800 512 345 1890 247 365
Aviva 1890 666 888 1850 887 185 1800 448 888
Liberty 1850 858 530 1850 887 185 n/a
Kennco 01 499 4600 1890 201 212 1890 670 670
Patrona 053 9180313 1890 201 212 1800 806 800
Zurich 1890 208 408 1890 201 212 1890 208 408
Wrightway 053 9167100 1890 201 212 n/a