what type of van insurance do I need

What Van Insurance Do I Need?

At Insure My Van, we understand that it can be difficult to know what type of insurance you need. There are different types of insurance available on the market but it’s all about finding the right cover for your own specific needs. In this article, we identify the various types of cover available for your van, discuss the differences between them and reveal how to know which is the best for you. 

Types of van insurance

There are two main types of van insurance available to van owners, private insurance and commercial insurance. Private insurance is strictly for personal van use. Commercial insurance, as the name implies, is designed for business or commercial use.  

what type of van insurance do I need

Private vs. Commercial insurance

Private van insurance is for social use and will cover you if you use your van for things like hobbies, visiting friends or classic van shows. On the other hand, commercial insurance is for business use. Commercial insurance covers you for use of your van for work, commuting, transporting goods for work purposes or deliveries. Even if you are just commuting to a single workplace, you will need commercial insurance. It’s important to note that commercial insurance will cover you for personal use, however the reverse is not true. If you use your vehicle to transport products to earn money, even if it’s part-time, you won’t be covered for loss or injury under your personal insurance policy. Personal insurance will not cover you for any business-related use of your van. Unlike car insurance, you do not have the option of buying insurance for your van for social use plus commuting.  

what type of van insurance do I need

Finding cover that suits your needs best

Are you still uncertain about which type of insurance you need? The best way to identify the right one for you is to envision what you will be using your van for. You should ask yourself questions like, “Do I need insurance for work purposes?”, “Do I just use my van for social reasons?” For example, if you enjoy surfing as a hobby and you just use your van to transport your surf equipment to and from the beach, personal insurance would be sufficient cover for you. However, if you have an entire fleet of vans that are used for business purposes, you will need commercial insurance. The type of commercial insurance that you need will be determined by how many vans you have, the size of your business and what type of work you will be using it for. 

choosing the right van insurance

Choosing the right insurance

Insurance is something you do not want to cut corners on. If a disaster strikes and you are inadequately covered, you may find yourself in a very financially vulnerable position. Although most of us like to believe we won’t be involved in an accident at any time, the future is unpredictable, and it is best practice to make sure you’re prepared for the worst of situations.  

Our Van Insurance Specialists at Insure My Van have been working in the insurance industry for many years now. Therefore, we can quickly point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing between personal and commercial insurance. Why not get in contact with an Insurance Agent to clear up your queries? To get in contact, call us on 01 660 6900 or get a quote with us online today.  

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