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The New Ford Transit Van Review

transit van

In the world of commercial vehicles, the transit van has long been a reliable and popular choice. With the release of the new Ford Transit Custom van, businesses have even more reasons to consider this versatile workhorse. As your broker of choice for van insurance in Ireland, is here to guide you through the […]

Ireland needs zero-tolerance stance to tackle ‘monster’ business insurance costs and claims

Business insurance costs

Changes around duty of care rules should encourage more players into the sector and hopefully bring down premium costs Recently, I overheard a conversation between two women in which one of them was giving out about her husband. During the big freeze last December, the woman had asked her husband, a farmer, if their children […]

Electric Trucks in Ireland 2024: Benefits, Costs & Our Top Picks

Electric Trucks in Ireland

Electric Trucks are the way forward in Ireland and 2024 is the perfect time to upgrade your fleet. Here’s everything you need to know about electric commercial trucks available in Ireland. We’ve already begun embracing more sustainable practices at home, with many people switching to smaller electric cars and even electric vans. Have you made […]

Best Electric Vans in Ireland 2024

Best Electric Vans Ireland 2023

Here is a list of the best electric vans in Ireland in 2024. Find more about the best features, range, price, and performance of the electric vans. What Kind of Electric Vans Are Available in Ireland? There are several reasons why electric vans are gaining popularity in Ireland, not the least of which is how […]

Volkswagen Caddy Van still the 5th most popular light commercial vehicle in Ireland 2022

VW Caddy Van Ireland

The Volkswagen Caddy Van is essentially a highly acclaimed family car from the most recent generation of the VW Golf with a van body instead of a passenger car body. It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Caddy Van handles nicely as a result and it’s still in top 5 popular LCVs in Ireland, on […]

Best 5 Commercial Jeeps in Ireland 2024

Best Commercial Jeeps in Ireland 2023

Commercial jeeps are super popular in Ireland, and for good reasons too: we have a lot of tradesman, farmers and small businesses who need a reliable light commercial vehicle that can access even the remotest countryside areas. Since 2022, Insure My Van have seen an increase in insurance quotes for commercial jeeps. What is a […]