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Best Pickup Trucks for Sale in Ireland in 2024

If you’re looking for pickup trucks for sale in Ireland but you can’t decide which is the best for you, have a look at Insure My Van‘s selection.

When you look at what’s on sale, whether it’s new or used, remember that a pickup truck has to be a versatile vehicle capable of almost anything, from a sturdy workhorse to family transport. This is what we took into consideration when we made the selection of the best pickups for sale in Ireland.

Pickup trucks are available for sale in Ireland in a whole range of sizes, types and purposes, and some of them are just as equipped and comfortable as any other modern cars. Others, of course, are designed for work purposes, with minimalistic interior and the power to tow. Our selection is intended to cover all functionalities and purposes.

Ford Ranger pickup truck | Van Insurance Ireland

1. Ford Ranger

Best all-round pickup truck with great comfort levels, the Ford Ranger has been the star of the pickup trucks market in the last years in Ireland and it is the bestselling pickup in Europe and UK as well. Equipped with a powerful 2.0l engine, it can tow up to 3.5 tons while still offering comfort levels comparable to modern SUVs.

Literally anything you could ask from a pickup truck, the Ranger will have it as an option for sale: you can choose one of the three body types and a plethora of trim levels. Regarding the price, the Ranger pickup truck is available as new starting at €33,911 and used on Done Deal for €32,000 for its 2019 model.

Toyota Hilux pickup truck | Van Insurance Ireland

2. Toyota Hilux

The iconic Toyota Hilux has been one the bestselling pickup trucks in Ireland and the rest of the world for decades now. We have all seen a Toyota Hilux defeating the most inauspicious climate and terrain conditions somewhere on the planet, solely relying on its durability. The latest iteration of Toyota Hilux is bigger than before, in every dimension, with a huge load bay.

This time, Toyota put in the effort to increase the comfort and revamped the interior to a level comparable to family cars. The powerful 2.8l diesel engine allows a tow up to 3.5 tones, similar to Ranger. Price wise in Ireland, Toyota Hilux comes as new for sale at €30,800 starting price for the single cab pickup and the prices go up with the double cab. If you’re after used pickup trucks for sale, you’ll easily find in Ireland a Hilux model 2019 for €27,000 on

Isuzu D Max pickup truck | Van Insurance Ireland

3. Isuzu D-Max

The last year model of Isuzu D-Max was a major step up from the previous variants, closing the gap against the top competition. Isuzu kept the 1.9l diesel engine but improved dramatically every other aspect of the pickup truck, completely changing the exterior and interior and adding more safety features than any of its competitors.

Because D-Max was designed as a working truck from the start, even its lifestyle variant V-Cross, although quite fancy, still looks less polished than the rivals but that only makes it robust and durable. Less powerful than the competitors but also much lighter, D-Max is capable of towing 3.5 tons too. The used Isuzu D-Max pickup trucks are popular for sale and you could get the 2019 model for €28,000 on, making it one of the cheapest popular pickup trucks in Ireland.

If this is the first time you’re buying a pickup truck, especially in the used market, it is a good idea to watch a few videos like the one below, with helpful tips, before you commit.

As a tradesman or a farmer in Ireland, it could make a lot of sense to opt for a pickup truck as your commercial vehicle and, because most of them come under the same tax rules as vans, they offer road tax and company car tax savings compared with many regular cars.

And if you’re in a need for a cheap pickup truck insurance, the Insure My Van experts are here to help you with the best commercial vehicle quote you can get in Ireland. For inquiries regarding passenger vehicles, try to get some of the cheapest for car insurance quotes in Ireland.


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