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Why you should consider buying a box van 2024?

As the name already suggests it, a box van is a van with a cube-shaped, spacious loading area that is not connected to the cabin, unlike cargo ones. They are definitely the preferred choice of delivery companies and workers, the box making it ideal for large items and bulky stuff. The box vans are also an important segment of commercial vehicles insured by us at

What is a box van?

A box van, also known as a box truck, cube van, bob truck or cube truck – is a chassis cab truck with an enclosed cuboid-shaped cargo area. On most of them, the cabin is separate to the cargo area. However, some box vans have a door between the cabin and the cargo area. The key difference between a box van and the standard commercial van is that the cargo van is a one-piece (unibody), while a box truck is created basically by adding a cargo box to a chassis cab.

That’s because a box van is a type of vehicle that is inherently designed to transport goods. It is usually used as a complementary form of transportation to the truck, as it can carry more goods than a cargo van.

Box van characteristics & features

Box vans are a specific type of vans that are more popular in Europe than the US, also known as cube vans or Luton vans. They are used for transporting goods and bulky items, rather than people. They have a large loading space, so they are usually used for transporting cargo and large objects. The box van is taller so it can fit large items that would not be able to fit in a cargo van and has a height of 6 feet and a length of 8 feet, which is much larger than the cargo van.

In addition, they are usually smaller and lighter in weight than cargo vans. The box van has a higher load capacity with more floor space than the cargo van. It is also taller so it can fit large items that would not be able to fit in a cargo van. A box van usually has the capacity to carry up to 3 tons of goods, while cargo vans have the capacity to carry up to 1.5 tons of goods.

A box van is typically cheaper to buy than a cargo van as well – which makes it an attractive investment for small businesses who need to transport goods often but don’t have much money to spend on vehicles.

There are a few more features that make a box van different from a cargo van. The main difference is that the box van will have more windows, allowing for better visibility and ventilation, and provides the driver more privacy and protection. They also typically have electric windows, power locks, and side mirrors – all of which are useful when transporting goods on busy streets. When driving on rough terrain, a box van can be helpful as they are equipped with more ground clearance than a cargo van.

Used box vans for sale in Ireland

Like the rest of Europe, the box vans are certain favourites for couriers, especially for smaller businesses or self-employed but also for tradesmen who often need to transport large items and bulky loads.

If you’re looking for a second hand one, DoneDeal would be the obvious first choice, with a good selection of over 1,000 box vans for sale at any given time. TruckLocator offers a smaller selection around 300 vans but this is a dedicated website for commercial vehicles only.

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