Best Dash Cams Van Ireland 2023

Best 5 Dash Cams for Commercial Vehicles in Ireland in 2024

The best dash cams we have available in Ireland in 2024 will capture what is happening on the road in front of you while you are driving a commercial vehicle, but many will do much more, as you’re about to find out.

The best selection of dash cams for commercial vehicles have driver aids that can notify emergency services of your location in the case of an accident and alert you to lane drift or when you get too close to a car in front of you. Not to mention that a good cloud dashcam can help with your van insurance claims in case your vehicle was involved in a motoring incident. The 5 dash cams we recommend are so highly rated that even taxi drivers are using them to help them with their taxi car insurance claims in case something happened.

Top 5 best dash cams for vans


Thinkware F200 Pro best commercial dash cam1. Thinkware F200 Pro

This is the best dash cam in class and the most versatile product in the group of dash cams for commercial vehicles; available accessories include GPS, a rear camera, and various power lead options.

The Thinkware F200 Pro camera and remote GPS antenna are highly recommended because they enable camera alerts and other cutting-edge capabilities like lane-departure and forward collision warnings.

The video output quality of this dash cam seems good rather than extraordinary at first glance, but then you realise how vital details it captures. The fact that it provides a high-spec, electrically economical parking mode is the deciding factor for the top rank. You may create a professional-looking parking monitor that is DIY-installable by adding Thinkware’s ground-breaking OBDII power lead.

Viofo A119 V3 dash cam van2. Viofo A119 V3

Thanks to its crisp video performance, the Viofo A119 V3 dash cam is undoubtedly the purists’ best choice. This increases clarity to a new level, even after excellent results from the Amacam, RoadAngel, and Mola models. Performance during the day and at night is superior here. A decent 2-inch screen has taken the place of wi-fi and mobile apps, but GPS is still included (though the identical model is also available without it for about 15 euro less).

A polarizing filter and a wired-in power lead are optional additions. The parking mode of this dash cam is one of the best in the range of parking options for commercial vehicles or cars and is also economical to maximize battery life.

NextBase 622GW good dash cam3. NextBase 622GW

The best option if you want a 4K dash cam without having the dashboard device hardwired into your commercial vehicles or car is NextBase 622GW, which is the larger brother of the NextBase 522GW. The improvement in video quality is obvious, and What3Words – an inventive worldwide system that allows you to notify first responders of your precise location by simply saying three words – is now supported and it’s a proven lifesaver.

You can easily watch all your saved clips using an app that links your smartphone to the 622GW on its own Wi-Fi network and download any that you want to preserve or review.

Garmin Dash Cam 67W commercial vehicle4. Garmin Dash Cam 67W

Remember that most of Garmin Dash Cam 67W‘s linked capabilities, such as the option to remotely check in on a car parked from virtually anywhere on the planet, will cost you a storage plan. You’ll also need to hardwire the camera into your commercial vehicle’s main power supply.

Make sure the dash cam is connected to a Wi-Fi network by parking close to an accessible router or set up a mobile hotspot, both of which require power. You can see how it quickly falls into a costly rabbit hole. Garmin will also charge you for a storage plan for most of its related functions.

NextBase 522GW dash cam Ireland5. NextBase 522GW

The NextBase 522GW dash cam’s specifications are among the best: it includes better-than-HD video capture, Wi-Fi, GPS, and excellent mobile and desktop apps. Using the 3-inch touchscreen on the dash cam instead of fiddling with a phone seems like a great innovation. And then you have the best features for commercial vehicles: Alexa support for a growing list of voice commands, a polarising filter to eliminate windscreen reflections, and even the potential for a rear camera, a hard-wired power lead, and driver assistance – to call for help if you are immobilised in an accident.

This dash cam’s performance at night was not the best, costing it one of the top spots.

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