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Jonathan Hehir of Speaking at the VanSafe Launch!

Van Safe, a new code of excellence launched by the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI), aims to improve safety standards within the LCV sector. Launched at the Citywest Hotel, Dublin by Aidan Flynn, General Manager, FTAI, Van Safe aims to raise standards in what is the largest segment by number of vehicles within the Irish Transport Industry. “The Van Safe Code represents the current minimum best practice standards required to ensure the safe operation of van fleets, regardless of fleet size or their industry sector,” explained Aidan.

Applicants agree to undertake an annual independent audit of their operations, covering different but associated elements such as vehicle and equipment maintenance, safe working environment, vehicle standards, vehicle administration, driver licensing and competence, driver behaviour and sustainable operations.

Aidan mentioned several advantages in applying for Van Safe Accreditation such as broadening business knowledge and development, having influence in shaping policies and gaining savings through compliance. Financial benefits include lower fuel consumption, a reduction in insurance claims and premium costs as well as availing of the expert advice on tap from the FTAI. “Daily vehicle checks and preventative maintenance programmes that are undertaken bring with it their own benefits,” added Aidan.

Presentations covering different but relative topics were made by Jonathan Hehir (Insure My Van), Deirdre Sinnott (Health & Safety Authority), John Forde (Road Safety Authority), Paul Dunn (Merrion Fleet), John Harrington (Transpoco) and Shauna Farrell (Enprova) – the latter companies involved in supporting the programme.

Andrew Lyle, Operations Director at Medicall, the private ambulance service spoke about becoming the FTAI’s first Van Safe accredited operator and the many plus factors experienced since reaching that accolade. “The good news, we were able to share with our customers, while morale within the management and staff was at an all time high and enabled us to become more focused,” he said.

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