are now proud partners of Vansafe are now proud partners of Vansafe

Introducing the newest programme for van drivers!

VanSafe is a new initiative from the FTAI. It’s an industry driven programme designed to raise operational standards and recognise excellence in the commercial vehicle sector.

The van sector is growing steadily in Ireland and the FTAI is now offering an auditing programme, Vansafe, that independently verifies the compliance levels of van fleet operators in line with their operational obligations under road safety, health and safety legislation.

This standard will become the guideline for the sector and allow operators to demonstrate their commitment to road safety, driver safety and vehicle roadworthiness.

According to Aidan Flynn, newly appointed General Manager at the Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI):

The audit will cover the following areas:

  1. Vehicle and equipment maintenance
  2. Maintenance cycles
  3. Vehicle standards
  4. Vehicle administration
  5. Driver licensing and competence
  6. Driver behaviour
  7. Sustainable operations

This initial audit must be performed as soon as is practicable, but within at least 90 days of joining the scheme.

Promoting road safety awareness and raising operational standards of commercial vehicle drivers is one of the ways we can reduce claims and maintain lower premiums. At we are keen to support and promote road safety best practice and operational standards for commercial motorists.

In keeping with this goal, our MD Jonathan Hehir is delighted to be speaking at the launch of Vansafe on the 31 January 2017.

For more information about VanSafe visit Freight Transport Association Ireland (FTAI).

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