Van Trip Ideas

Over the past year, we have all been out discovering more of the areas our beautiful country has to offer and people have been loving it so it seems that staycations will be here to stay, at least for some of our trips.

One of the best ways people have been exploring has been to simply hop in a van and hit the road for a weekend getaway. Whether you’re setting off on a short trip or taking a bit longer, the last thing you want to do is waste time stuck at the side of a road should anything go wrong. For tips on van maintenance including how to check your tyres, engine, etc. check our previous blog here (https://www.insuremyvan.ie/blog/van-maintenance-a-guide/) but you might also want a few tips on how to start your vanlife adventures.



A big part of the experience is just seeing where the wind will take you but if your short on time you want to at least have an idea of the kind of trip you want to have so you can make a rough route to follow. If it’s scenery you’re after then there’s no shortage of that in Ireland, we love the Wild Atlantic Way for that rugged Irish experience and the sunny southeast has some fabulous beaches. Adrenaline junkies might want to head towards Bundoran or Lahinch and wax up those surf boards. Fancy reconnecting with nature? Why not discover a few hidden gems in the Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands? You could even head up north and drive through The Dark Hedges on your way to the Giant’s Causeway for some really stunning natural sights.




Ireland is often underestimated when it comes to cuisine so no matter what part of the country you hit, you will have plenty of great cafes & restaurants to choose from but if you decide you want to stick to vanlife, it’s easy to whip up some feasts all on your own. If you’re not parked up at a campsite with water & electrical facilities just make sure you have plenty of water in stock, then all you need is a cooler box, a pot, and a camping stove. This is the one area you might want to have properly planned out before you go, have a few meal ideas in mind and stock up accordingly. For some simple one-pot camping recipes, we love this blog (https://www.campingintheforest.co.uk/blog/campsite-recipes/easy-camping-stove-meals)





Let’s face it, if you’re touring around Ireland, there will most likely be the odd time when you’re stuck inside waiting for a break in the weather. Don’t forget to pack a few books, some board games or your favourite musical instruments, whatever floats your boat! For those lovely sunny days you’re going to want your swimming gear handy in case you come across a bay you just can’t resist jumping into and suncream is a must!


Van Insurance

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Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most important so make sure your van insurance is up to date! You want to be prepared for every eventuality and you want to make sure you’re back on the

road as swiftly as possible if you encounter any issues. For deals on cheap van insurance in Ireland get in touch with our team and we will be happy to help you out