tips for cheap Fleet insurance

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fleet Insurance

When it comes to managing a fleet, there are plenty of options to make sure you are getting the most out of your insurance and keeping the costs as low as possible.


1.Require clean driving records.

When arranging insurance for your whole fleet, your insurance provider will require a list of employees that will be driving each class of vehicle. Make sure you check the driving records for each person you will be insuring.


2. Driver training.

Insurers offer driver training programmes through partners. Make sure to check ahead of time because not all insurers give upfront discounts.


3.Risk management.

Work with your insurer to look at your claims history and see if any improvements need to be made.


4.Manage young drivers.

It’s well-known that insurance tends to be higher for younger drivers. Statistics show that drivers aged 17-20 are twice as likely to make an insurance claim compared to older drivers.


5.Use cameras.

Forward facing cameras (also known as dash cams) can provide invaluable data for defending claims or setting at fault claims.


6.Review your policies.

Renew policies in good time and after proper review to make sure you don’t pay unnecessary extras.


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