financial benefits electric vans

New financial benefits of electric vans

Have you ever considered an electric van? For most of us, it might still be a step too far. That’s particularly true if your business involves regular long drives. But if you’re based in a city, the change might suit you perfectly – particularly now that two new financial benefits of electric vans have kicked in.

January 1st saw the introduction of two Budget 2018 measures to promote the use of electric vehicles:

  1. A grant of up to €600 to install a fast-charge point at your home or business premises.
  2. Removal of ‘Benefit in Kind’ taxation for users of company electric vehicles for the tax year 2018.

The first of those is likely to be of most interest. Makers of many electric vans today claim a fast-charge time of as little as two to three hours. Having your own fast-charge point could therefore make a huge difference to the efficiency of your trade or business.

The second measure won’t apply to vans as much as it will to company cars, as many company vans are exempt from ‘Benefit in Kind’ (BIK) taxation. However, if you do provide a van to an employee, and he/she has BIK rules applied because they use it sometimes for personal reasons, the new measure could make it more attractive to now use an electric van instead.

Other financial benefits of electric vans

The two new measures are in addition to other existing financial benefits of electric vans:

  1. A purchase grant of up to €3,800 for commercially-bought electric vehicles.
  2. Relief of up to €5,000 on Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT).
  3. Lowest rate of annual motor tax, at just €120 per annum.
  4. Low operating costs per kilometre when compared to diesel.

Electric vans in Ireland

There is a growing choice of electric vans available in Ireland. Manufacturers claim ranges of up to 200km per single charge, and there are payloads of up to almost 2,500kg. Popular choices include:

Small vans

  • Fiat Fiorino Electric
  • Fiat Doblo Electric
  • Ford Transit Connect Electric
  • Pegueot eBipper
  • Peugeot ePartner
  • Renault Kangoo ZE

Large vans

  • Fiat Ducato Electric
  • LDV EV80 Electric
  • Nissan eNV200
  • Peugeot eXpert
  • Peugeot eBoxer

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