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Christmas gift gadgets for van drivers

It’s almost Christmas – which means it’s almost time for presents! No matter how old we get, there’s always a certain excitement in unwrapping your Christmas gifts. And since you’re a van driver, there’s a chance somebody may have got you something for the vehicle that’s so important to you. So…which of these gift gadgets for van drivers might you like to receive?

1. Cigarette lighter Travel Kettle – Best Gift Gadget for Van Drivers

gift gadgets travel kettleWe all love a mug of tea or coffee! But there are times when you’re out on the road with nowhere to plug in a kettle. And holding a cold cup of coffee in front of the air vents, for the hot air to blow on it just doesn’t work. Here’s a solution – a travel kettle like this one, powered by your van’s cigarette lighter. You’ll be able to have a cuppa whenever you want it!

2. Magnetic phone holder

gift gadgets magnetic phone holder van

Maybe you’ve already got a phone holder in your van – but many of them can be fiddly things. Trying to get the brackets to take a secure grip on your phone can drive you barmy, particularly if you have to take your phone in and out several times per day. They can be very stylish gifts, silver and gold being the most common colours for these. A magnetic phone holder like this one will get rid of that problem, making it one of the best inexpensive gift gadgets for van drivers. Just put your phone against it any way at all, and it will grip securely for as long you need.

3. Clip-on door bins

gift gadgets clip on bins

Know how the pouch in your driver’s door keeps getting filled up with rubbish? Parking discs, confectionery wrappers, crisp bags, assorted scraps of paper, and the like? And it always seems a pain when you get finally get round to cleaning it out. A clip-on bin will help you keep thing tidier and cleaner. If you’re really ‘green’, you could even get two – one for recyclables, and one for other rubbish.

4. Novelty ice scraper glove

gift gadgets ice scraper glove

An ice scraper glove is as good a way as any of clearing frost from your windscreen at this time of year (though you could always boil your travel kettle either!). A novelty glove can add a touch of fun to the chore. We particularly like this abominable snowman one, though there are literally hundreds of types available.

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