Difference between Van and Car Insurance

Is Van Insurance different to Car Insurance?

Insuring a van and a car can be very similar when it comes to getting to a policy but there is more to consider when insuring your van. Still, these two types of insurance are more similar than other really specialised covers such as the taxi insurance in Ireland for instance. In this article, we will showcase the main differences between van and car insurance in Ireland and what to consider when getting your van insurance policy.

License Type

With a standard B car license, you can drive a van up to 3500Kg, this includes the weight of the van and the payload, so depending on what the uses you have for the van are, you may need to apply for a C license. You can find the type of licenses and what you can drive at the NDLS website here.

Contents Insurance

A car is usually used for personal use and when used for commercial purposes, drivers rarely keep their tools or belongings in a car, while if you have a van, you are looking for more space to carry equipment, transport goods, etc. So it’s more important to make sure the contents in your vehicle are insured to protect against potential theft and damage.

Fleet Insurance

With standard driving insurance in Ireland, getting a policy is simple and there is usually just one named driver, but with company vans, they avail of fleet insurance which allows multiple employees to be insured with company vans and this allows them to swap vans as needed and covered by the insurance policy.

Your Vehicle

It is important to do your research when buying your van for work because depending on the model, size and engine of the van, the insurance premium would be higher. This is similar to car insurance except for the size of the vehicle is important when it comes to van insurance policies.

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