Electric Trucks in Ireland

Electric Trucks in Ireland 2024: Benefits, Costs & Our Top Picks

Electric Trucks are the way forward in Ireland and 2024 is the perfect time to upgrade your fleet. Here’s everything you need to know about electric commercial trucks available in Ireland.

We’ve already begun embracing more sustainable practices at home, with many people switching to smaller electric cars and even electric vans. Have you made the switch at home? Did you know, you can avail of a reduced premium on your electric car insurance?

In recent years, it’s become crucial for businesses to adopt a more sustainable ethos. There is an expectation for them to align the company’s mission and strategy and instil a focus on the environment.

From customers to competitor and even industry leaders, all eyes are on you to take Corporate Social Responsibility. Well, what better place to start than by upgrading your company fleet to electric commercial trucks?

Why Should You Consider Upgrading Your Fleet to EV trucks?

Electric trucks fleet

By now, you might be aware of Ireland’s ambitious target to increase the number of electric vehicles on our roads to almost 1 million by 2030. The aim is to half our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050.

The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) has argued that the quickest way for us to reach our commitments is through the replacement of the fleet of vehicles available in the country.

Newer vehicles mean cleaner technologies with lower emissions, less pollutants and more electric and alternative fuels”.

The government also plans to improve charging infrastructure for over the next three years. This change will bring the number of charging points available for electric cars and trucks from 1,700 to between 2,540 and 4,850 within the next three years.

Stimulated by all these benefits, many businesses have switched their light commercial vehicles to eVans already and taxi companies are going electric for cheaper running costs and taxi insurance.

The Benefits of Electric Trucks for Your Business

Electric trucks charging station

It goes without saying that businesses can and should reap the benefits of making the switch to electric when it comes to their commercial trucks. When you hear of all the ways it can enhance and revolutionise your business, you’ll wonder why you haven’t looked into it sooner.

It’s no wonder that so many other enterprises in Ireland have embraced the roll-out of electric trucks, some even before 2024. Some Irish businesses that have already taken the plunge include Lidl Ireland, Guinness, and even waste collection companies like Panda.

Soon, more Irish businesses like smart home appliances stores or ventilation equipment suppliers will be delivering their products by electric trucks too.

So, here are a few good reasons to consider EV trucks:

  1. They’re quiet: much more so than typical diesel vehicles. This would enable you to take advantage of operating routes when traffic is quieter i.e., at night and in cities.
  2. Increased efficiency and productivity: due to being able to operate at off-peak times. Just make sure you equip your eTruck with the best dash cams for commercial vehicles.
  3. Lower CO2 levels: EV trucks emit lower CO2 levels and emissions than typical diesel and fuel-based vehicles.
  4. Improved working conditions: Electric trucks mean better working conditions for employees. Drivers can enjoy a better experience with lower vibrations, faster acceleration and no exhaust fumes. Plus, they can say goodbye to that complicated gearbox of up to 18-speeds.
  5. Lower costs: Though the initial transition may seem like a costly investment, in the long run, you’ll reap the benefits in many ways.
    • Electric vehicles are up to 50% more energy efficient, saving you money on fuel costs.
    • Lower vehicle motor tax costs
    • With your business running at increased efficiency and productivity, you’ll begin to see this reflected in the bottom line.
    • You may be eligible to avail of a grant with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (seai), making it more affordable to switch.
  6. Corporate Social Responsibility: You’ll be seen as a business that cares for the environment and isn’t afraid to take action. Having a fleet of electric trucks would be a unique selling point that will set you aside from your competitors. Plus, you’ll be seen as a leader in driving sustainable practices, influencing your competitors to follow suit.

Our Top Picks for Electric Trucks in Ireland in 2024

Scania Battery Electric Truck

1. Scania Battery Electric Truck

Available in both rigid and trailer tractor designs, the brand-new Scania range is a great choice for your eTrucks fleet. Batteries have been improved in the newest models, with faster and more powerful charging. That means you’ll get up to a 350km range with a 40-tonne load.

Impressive features:

  • 410kW of continuous power
  • Battery capacity up to 350KM with a 40-tonne load and 250km with a 64-tonne load
  • Fully charged in less than 90 minutes, at 375kW
  • 100% emission-free operation
  • Regional capabilities with good flexibility in medium-range routes
  • Sold as a turnkey solution
  • Tailored services available.


2. Volvo Electric Range Trucks

Volvo Electric Range Trucks

With an extensive range of electric trucks for all regions, Volvo has thought of everything. Need flexibility for city, urban and regional transportation? Whether it’s a light or high-capacity load, they’ve got you covered.

Impressive features:

  • AC wall box for overnight charging included with every truck
  • Remote diagnostic & maintenance
  • Up to 44 tonnes GCW
  • Up to 490kW of power
  • Up to 320km range
  • 2-3 electric motors, I-Shift gearbox
  • Range of available cab types to choose from.


3. MAN eTruck

MAN eTruck

This is an excellent eTruck with a range of great features. With 80-years’ experience in producing buses, trucks and vans, MAN is not to be overlooked when it comes to choosing your new electric fleet. Avail of their comprehensive consulting services before purchasing for help choosing your perfect fleet.

Impressive features:

  • Emission-Free Driveline
  • Daily ranges of between 600-300km (with intermediate charging & break times)
  • Recuperation – feeds back electric energy to the battery during deceleration i.e. driving down hills
  • Easy handling & operation
  • Thermal management.

Now that you’re more informed about the benefits of switching to electric trucks, you’ll be more than confident when you do decide to take the plunge. We may be the number one van insurance broker in Ireland, but we’re not just about vans. Insuremyvan.ie is also specialised in haulage and fleet insurance. So don’t forget to check out our electric truck insurance for a competitive quote when you do upgrade your vehicle or fleet.


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