Van Insurance FAQs

Van Insurance: Frequently Asked Questions

Our insurance specialists speak to thousands of drivers looking for van insurance in Ireland each year. Throughout these conversations, they are consistently asked a bunch of questions that every driver seems to ask. Hence, we have pieced together some of the most frequently asked questions people tend to ask when shopping around for van insurance.

What are the Different Types of Cover Available?

There are 3 main types of van insurance cover to choose from. It’s important to do your research beforehand as choosing the wrong one may either cost you more or may not cover you in certain circumstances.  

Third-Party Only

This is also called TPO and is the minimum cover you need to get when you own a van. If you cause an accident or cause damage to another’s vehicle, you’ll be held responsible for costs incurred, even medical costs.

Just remember: Your own expenses, medical bills and damages won’t be covered.

Third-Party Fire & Theft Cover

TPFT (Third Party Fire and Theft Cover) is similar to the above but it also means that you are covered in the following circumstances:

  • Your van is stolen
  • There’s damage or loss after a break-in
  • Your van gets fire damage whether it was accidental or through arson

Comprehensive Cover

This is the highest form of cover you can get. It’s the best option to go for if you want total peace of mind that any and all expenses will be covered. The following expenses will be paid out by your insurance provider if you’re unfortunate enough to be involved with/cause an accident:

  • Medical expenses of those driving the other vehicle
  • Damages to another vehicle
  • Repairs to your own van after an accident
  • Your own medical expenses after an accident

It also includes theft, vandalism, fire or any other damage which may have happened to your van.

Can You Insure a Van Without DOE?

The DOE (Department of Environment (recently renamed to CVRT)) test is constructed to determine the roadworthiness of a vehicle. If your van does not have this certificate then you can’t apply for van insurance. The reason being that you cannot insure a vehicle in Ireland that is not ‘fit for road’.

What Documents Do You Need to Insure a Van?

Apart from your DOE certification, you need a few documents when you apply for cover. This information helps your insurer create an accurate quote as well as prove facts that play a role in your insurance policy.

Here’s what you need when insuring a van:

    • A proposal form (also called a statement of fact) which is the document that shows your insurer’s quotation as well as their inception of cover.
    • Certificate of No Claims Discount to prove the years you have driven without being involved in an accident or submitting a claim. This can affect your premium. Please see the below screenshot for an example of a No Claims Discount certificate:

No Claims Discount Certificate Example

  • Your named driver experience which is a discount given when you have been named on somebody else’s insurance policy. Note that this experience must be consecutive and you need proof from each person who named you.
  • A gap in cover declaration which can be filled out on your insurer’s forms. This is necessary if there’s a gap between the last date on the Certificate of No Claims documentation and your request for a new policy.
  • Sold vehicle declaration is necessary if your no claims bonus certificate relates to a sold car.
  • Direct debit mandates if you want to pay via third-party finance provider ( uses Close Premium Finance) or a monthly direct debit.
  • Private car insurance certificate which can count in your favour in terms of premium discounts. This can be your own vehicle or if you’re named on someone else’s private vehicle policy.

When Will I Receive My Certificate & Disc?

Your annual insurance certificate and disc are usually issued to you once your insurance provider has received your proposal form, payment and any other requested documents such as those listed above.


Can I Transfer My No Claims Bonus from My Car to a Van?

Yes. The No Claims Bonus you have earned on your private car can be transferred over to your van. Just contact your insurance provider/broker and they can arrange this transfer.


As you can see all of these questions are very valid questions for a person to ask. These are just a quick sample of the most frequently asked questions we receive but you can check out a full list of them over in our customer care page.