useful apps for driving in ireland

Useful apps for driving in Ireland

It’s one of the basic rules of driving that you don’t hold your phone while at the wheel. But still, there are many phone apps that can help you get around, and make life a little easier when you get there too.

These five useful apps for driving in Ireland can help you navigate, pay for parking, and even have your text messages read out to you while you drive.

Just make sure to follow these all-important rules while you drive:

  • Set the app up before you start to drive.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is properly connected with your speaker system.
  • Use a good mobile phone holder on your dash or windscreen.
  • Do not hold your phone in your hand or between your head and shoulder while on the move.
  • Keep your eyes on the road, not on the phone!

1 – Google Maps

The daddy of them all. Google Maps has replaced stand-alone sat navs for many van and car drivers, and little wonder, as it’s so versatile and dynamic.

Being guided along the route to your destination is just one function. You can use ‘Share My Location’ to let colleagues or clients know exactly where you are, and what your ETA might be. You can drop a pin onto the map when you park, to easily find your way back to your vehicle. If you’re in an unfamiliar location, you can use it to find the nearest filling station, ATM, café, and more. And even all that’s barely scratching the surface.

With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Google Maps is the number one.

2 – Read It To Me

Your Bluetooth connectivity solves the problem of taking and making phone calls while you drive. But what if you also depend on text messages, WhatsApp, and the like? That’s where Read It To Me is a thing of magic.

Quite simply, it reads your messages and notifications aloud. You can change settings so that it only reads certain types and from certain senders: for example, it can read text messages from the boss, but ignore WhatsApp messages from your football team’s group. You can even upgrade to a premium version that allows you to dictate a reply. Take note, though – its speech recognition software doesn’t always understand certain Irish accents!

3 –

You might be familiar with the website, but has a fully functioning app too. It lists the price of fuel (as supplied by other users) at nearby filling stations, and you can list those places by either distance or price.

Its only fault is that because it relies on user data only, its prices can be a few days out of date when you pull in for a fill. Because of this, all who use it as a price guide are asked to update the location price data every time they buy petrol or diesel. This is so it will be as up-to-date as possible for the next user.

4 – Park By Text

Park By Text works at more than 300 locations across Ireland, primarily in Dublin. It’s the easy way to pay when you park in these places. Simply link your account to a credit card or debit card, and pay with a simple phone tap or two.

No more looking for loose change to put into a meter. And no more hoping you get back to your vehicle before either the parking warden or the clampers get there first!

5 – ParkPnP

This one is useful if you’re looking for all-day parking in Dublin, or even parking by the week or month. It can be particularly suitable if you’re a tradesman on an ongoing job, the client doesn’t have a parking space themselves, and on-street parking either doesn’t suit or is simply available.

Basically, people with an unused parking space list it on ParkPnP, at rates starting around just €6 per day. Typically, the spaces are in ordinary driveways, or the car parks of apartment blocks.

There were over 8,000 spaces listed at the time of writing, so you’ll certainly find one where you need it!

And of course…your internet browser app

Finally, don’t forget that the internet browser app on your phone can also make your driving life easier, by helping you to find cheap van insurance.

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