The real Cost of No Insurance

The Real Cost of No Van Insurance

Getting van insurance can seem like an expensive process, especially for younger or first time van drivers. It can be a daunting and stressful process to part with your hard earned money to pay for van insurance. As part of the Road Traffic Act 1961, every vehicle on the road must have insurance.

Despite this law, every year, many people choose not to insure their vans, saying that they are a good driver and they will not need to get insurance. They believe that they are saving themselves time hassle and money by avoiding insurers completely. They do not look at the real question they should be asking themselves:

How much does having no insurance really cost me?

When a driver with no van insurance is stopped by the Gardaí they have the power to take the vehicle from the driver and impound until an insurance certificate is produced by the owner of the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle will be liable to all charges or costs incurred by the Gardaí in the removal and storage of the vehicle. If proof of insurance cannot be provided the driver can receive a criminal conviction.

If you are involved in an accident, that you were the cause of, you are liable to pay out for damages. This may not just involve damages to the other vehicle or vehicles but it may also include personal injury to any driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in the accident. The cost of this can skyrocket out of control extremely fast.

With no insurance to cover these costs, you can be left to pay them yourself. For almost everyone this can often be too much to handle as they do not have the financial backing behind them to cover it all. Once again, with the Gardaí involved, you will receive a conviction for driving while uninsured.

The Road Safety Authority report that, in 2010 alone, there were over 10,500 accidents involving a vehicle in Ireland. According to the Central Bank of Ireland, the average claim on just vehicle damage for 2009 was between €5,000 – 5,500. On top of this this, research by shows that the average cost of personal injuries, caused by motor accidents in 2012, was €20,631. When combined these give a total of over €25,000.

When you put these figures on top of the statistic that, on average, 8 people a day in 2014 were stopped and convicted by the Gardai for not having their vehicle insured, you really have to ask what the real cost of having no insurance is.

For most people this cost is just too high for them to afford. When you consider the possibility of having to pay out that much and getting a criminal conviction due to having no insurance, the price of getting van insurance suddenly seems very small and extremely manageable.

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