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Employers liability and why you need it

At insuremyvan.ie we can do more for you than solely supply your van cover at the best price. We can also provide you with the additional insurance cover that you might require for yourself or your business. This includes employer’s liability insurance.

What is Employers Liability Insurance?

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Employer’s liability provides you with the cover necessary to meet the cost of compensation for your employees’ injury or illness whilst they are working for you.

What is the difference between public liability and employer’s liability?


Oftentimes, some confusion exists between these two specific types of cover. The difference between public liability and employer’s liability essentially relates to who is actually bringing a claim against you.

Public liability insurance covers you against legal liability for accidental injury to another person (other than employees for example, a client) or damage to another’s person’s property.

Employers liability insurance covers legal liability for accidental injury or disease that is sustained by your employee in the course of their duties.

Is employers liability cover mandatory in Ireland?


No employer’s liability insurance is not compulsory in Ireland like it is for example, in the United Kingdom. However, this does not eradicate the gross importance of this cover for anyone who hires employees within their company in Ireland.

So why is it important?

Employer responsibility:


As an employer you have a responsibility to your employees. If they suffer loss or injury through working for you then they might have adequate grounds for a claim.

Approximately 7,500 accidents are reported to the Health and Safety Authority each year. The agriculture, construction and transport sectors account for most of the accidents reported but claims can arise from any workplace.

Employers can be held accountable not just for medical costs incurred but also for legal costs and subsequent fees suffered by another party. That’s why having employer’s liability is so vital. Employers liability essentially deals with all employee claims and associated costs and hence protects you and your business against unforeseen risks.

An employers’ liability claim can occur in a number of different ways. If there are unsafe work practices or procedures that lead to injury, the employer could be seen as being negligent.

An example of an unsafe workplace would be a building site with unattended tools, unattended machinery or even a lack of health and safety training provided by the employer. All of the above could risk resulting in an employer’s liability claim and this could be detrimental to your business.

Manual handling for example is an area that insurers are keen to encourage adequate training be provided. The exposure to manual handling claims can be seen in businesses such as construction, retail and other commercial risks such as public houses and restaurants. It is important to identify key risks within your particular sector and to protect against them. In the example of manual handling training, this protection can be achieved by providing basic health and safety training as part of any induction for a new employee, yearly recurring training for existing employees and having a good policy in place.

Protection against financial risk


An airtight employer’s liability policy will ensure the financial security of your business in the event of an accident where you, as the employer, can be held accountable. This specific type of cover is deigned to sustain the costs of an injury that has happened during the course of duty. These policies where appropriate will also cover legal and miscellaneous costs which can add up quickly and end up costing your business large amounts of money.

When weighing up the advantages of investing in employer’s liability policy it’s vital not only to think tactically but to think strategically too. Employer’s liability doesn’t just protect you against a sudden accident which concerns an employee and their immediate duty, but it also protects you in the future.

Many occupational illnesses take a long time to manifest and, as a result, you may find yourself facing a claim from a past employee many years down the line. You should therefore make sure to keep records of all previous accidents wherever possible and invest in appropriate cover.

Employee security


A good employers’ liability policy will provide your workers with the necessary security they need in order to be content at work. Your employees should be able to do their jobs safe in the comfort that all hazards have been removed where possible. Additionally, however, they should be confident that in the event of an accident occurring they will have some sort of financial reassurance.

As stated previously, as an employer you have a responsibility to your employees and employers’ liability can be seen as a vital aspect of this. While good risk management and health and safety procedures are of the utmost importance, it is also vital that you have a suitable contingency plan to protect the employees who work for you.

Employers’ liability cover provides you and your employees with the peace of mind that, if something does go wrong, the subsequent costs can be covered. Your employee will be able to receive the care they may require, and you can rest assured that your business will be able to cope with the financial repercussions.

While none of us like to think negatively about the future, it’s important that as an employer you protect not only yourself but those around you in your business. Research the best health and safety guidelines that are applicable to your business. Then, look into a policy with an insurance broker.

At Insuremyvan.ie we can help you seek out the best policy for the best price. When it comes to employer’s liability policies, we’ll ensure that you and your employees can be safe in the knowledge that your covered in the event of an accident. Why not reach out to us today?