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Electric Vans? But I’m not an electrician…

Ireland is one of the fore runners in the development of electric vehicles and with innovation and leadership from a number of organisations, the country’s international position is further strengthened. Ireland is among the top countries leading the charge towards sustainable transport.

There are many opportunities in this new and exciting market in areas other than vehicle development, such as: Charging Infrastructure, Technology & Design, IT and Communications along with countless applications and related services.

  • Fuel savings: 1 cent per km for electric van versus approximately 6c for diesel or 8c for petrol
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Accelerated capital allowance scheme permitting write-off of capital investment within one year (more information at www.seai.ie.)

Intel and IBM, as well as Irish firms such as JTM Power and M2C are the fore-runners with regard to the development of charging infrastructure products.

The successful transition to sustainable transport requires the involvement of Government, the vehicle industry and commitment from the business community to promote a positive green agenda in the workplace. Smarter Travel Workplaces, is a programme from the National Transport Authority to help large employers set up more environmentally sustainable commuting and business travel practices.

The transition to sustainable transport naturally includes commercial fleets. An electric van is an obvious addition to any organisation’s fleet when the benefits are considered.

The Electricity Supply Board (ESB) has listed some of the benefits of adding an electric vehicle to your company’s fleet:

  • Government incentive of a €5,000 grant per vehicle and zero VRT
  • Reduction in company carbon footprint
  • Significantly reduced noise pollution

Any company that chooses to use commercial vehicles in their fleet stands to gain on several levels by adopting an e-fleet strategy. From corporate responsibility to bottom-line savings, it simply makes sense. More choices and styles of electric vehicles are increasingly available. Below we have listed the current eVans that are available within Ireland.

  • Fiat Fiorino Electric
  • Renault Kangoo Z.E
  • Peugoet eBipper
  • Ford Transit Connect Electric
  • Fiat Doblo Electric
  • Peugeot ePartner
  • Fiat Ducato Electric
  • Peugeot eXpert
  • Peugeot eBoxer
  • Smith Edison Electric Transit Van

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