what does public liability insurance cover

Do You Need Public Liability Cover?

Being in business can be tough. Dealing with creditors and debtors, chasing new contracts, paying bills and meeting staffing costs can be troublesome. It can be tempting therefore to avoid some costs that aren’t strictly necessary – but sometimes, doing so could cost you far more in the long run. An example is with public liability cover.

We offer it not just for van drivers, but for all businesses. And while it’s not compulsory, it’s strongly recommended. To show you why, we’ll answer a question that we’re frequently asked: ‘what does public liability cover’?

So, What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Basically, public liability covers you against the financial risk of death, injury or damage to property suffered by any third party as a result of dealing with your business. Some examples could be:

  • A carpet fitter accidentally breaks an antique vase in a house and is sued for the value of it.
  • A visitor trips over carpet in an office reception area and injures their knee. They need surgery and physiotherapy and sue for medical costs.
  • A plumber damages a pipe which then leaks water into a company’s computer server room. The plumber can be held liable not just for the cost of the damage, but also resulting losses through the company being unable to trade during the downtime that follows.

Imagine if something like that happened to you. Could you afford to pay the injured party’s damages and costs, and your own legal fees? It’s likely that you have to answer ‘no’. That’s why it’s so important to have public liability policy to protect against these and other circumstance.

Levels of Public Liability Cover

When you ask ‘what does public liability cover?’, you may also mean ‘up to what financial limit does it extend?’

The answer is that it depends on the nature and size of your business. As a general rule of thumb though, most of our public liability policies provide cover of €2.6 million as standard. Cover of up to €6.5 million, as required by many larger companies, local authorities, etc., is also available on standard policies. We can also provide even higher cover upon request.

How Much Does Public Liability Cover Cost?

As part of the CFM Group – one of Ireland’s leading insurance brokerages – Insure My Van has negotiated special rates for public liability policies for our clients.

We can arrange your cover from as little as €1 per day. You can save even more if you bundle it with your van insurance or another policy from any of our affiliated companies. They are:

Get a public liability quote online or contact our team of insurance specialists to see just how cost-effective we can be for you.