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Best Selling Vans 2013

As 2013 comes to a close the figures for the best-selling commercial vehicles in Ireland are in. The Society of the Irish Motoring Industry ( have been keeping track of the number of newly registered commercial vehicles in Ireland over the last 12 months. The following are the top five manufacturers when it comes to new van registrations.

Best Selling Vans 2013 - Ford


Ford were the biggest contributor to the new registration of commercial vehicles in 2013. With just under 23% of the market they were dominant over the other manufacturers in the market. The Transit and the newly redesigned 2013 E-Series have been the main components in this dominance of the Irish market.

Best Selling Vans 2013 - Volkswagen


Coming in at over 18% of the new van registration market is Volkswagen. Their range, which includes the Caddy and the Transporter, performed well and came in second well ahead of third place. The long standing heritage of VW vans has always meant that Volkswagen has been a main player in the commercial vehicle market.

Best Selling Vans 2013 - Renault


The third most popular van manufacturer in Ireland when it comes to new van registrations in 2013 is Renault. Two staple parts of the Renault van range are the Master and Trafic, and almost certainly played a large part in the 10.5% market share that Renault had in 2013.

Best Selling Vans 2013 - Toyota


Toyota have always come to mind when you talk about light commercial vehicles. Their HiAce has been very popular not just in Ireland but around the world. The Japanese manufacturer was always going to be part of this list and with a 6.6% market share they are here deservedly, and will more than likely make the 2014 list too.

Best Selling Vans 2013 - Citroen


With the Jumper, Jumpy, Nemo, C-Series, and Berlingo in their range it is not surprising that French manufacturer Citroen have made it into the top 5. With a market share of 6%, they round of our top 5 list.

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