5 essential van gadgets you should consider.

Being on the road a lot for your job can be difficult. You have long hours and you have to drive in all types of weather conditions. With the Winter rolling in it can be extra daunting. While the challenges are endless when it comes to managing and driving vans, there are some great tools out there to streamline day to day driving. Here at we have put together a list of some fantastic gadgets to help make life on the road a little bit easier.

1.A magnetic GPS tracker.


A stolen vehicle is a van driver’s worst nightmare and of course it will result in a call to your insurance provider. By purchasing and hiding a small GPS device underneath your rig, you’ll be able to track your van’s whereabouts all over the world. It could be argued that this is a small price to pay for security and peace of mind.

This tracker is long standing, dustproof and waterproof  and it also has excellent battery capacity. The tracker is also magnetic and hence is easily attached to any iron surface so it’s quick to install. The GPS tracker also possess real time positioning which is so precise it can let you know where your vehicle is to approximately the nearest 5 metres. Of course, you should never go tracking down thieves yourself, but a GPS may make it easier for authorities to locate!

Notably, the tracker is also compatible with IOS and android application so you can get notifications right to you phone. The best part? There’s a 12 month warranty, so if you run into any hiccups your covered for your statutory rights!

2.A 12 V chargeable jump starter.


It might not be as futuristic as a magnetic GPS but an effective jump start kit is absolutely key when it comes to life on the road. This accessory can not only jump start a battery, but it also charges devices, works as a flashlight, and has a built in compass. What’s not to like?

This jump starter pack is also hand sized and extremely lightweight to ensure that you’re not lugging it out of the van with much difficulty. This particular jump starter can start a 4-litre petrol vehicle and a 2-litre diesel vehicle in a number of seconds.

The bright LED’s in this device convert the starter to an emergency flashlight. This could come in handy if you need to see clearly in the dark for example, if you’re having a breakdown at night.

Naturally this jump starter comes equipped with a Type -C input and power station to ensure that you can adequately charge your jump starter after use. Finally, the jump starter is also equipped with USB ports so you can charge your other devices off it if you need to.

3.A Neckteck phone mount.


A really good car mount is key for any driver who’s dealing with phone calls and google maps simultaneously while on the road. While with some car mounts you have to worry about twisting different leavers and adjusting the product up and down, you won’t have to struggle with this one because it’s magnetic. This means that when you jump into your van a small metal circle on the holder grips your phone easily.

You can then see your gps and answer any incoming calls without having to fiddle with the phone or the product allowing you to focus your full attention on the road. The swivel ball head on this holder provides 360 degrees rotation which also gives you an ultimate flexibility viewing from any angle.

This brand of phone mount also boasts that it is ten times easier to use than any other type of car phone holder, so why not check it out? Always remember though, it’s never safe to text while driving!

4.Nextbase Dashcam.


Having a good dashcam gives you the reassurance you need while on the road. When you have a dashcam, you have a second pair of eyes in your vehicle that continuously records your journey’s. So, if the unexpected were to happen you have a record of the events.

Nextbase have produced a market leading and award-winning dash cam that would be of benefit to any van driver. The 312W is the dashcam solution for anyone who wants to be able to instantly send footage to an authoritative figure or an insurer.

The Nextbase 312 offers 1080p HD recording capabilities at 30 frames per second which is extremely high quality and ideal should an insurance claims arise.  It has also possesses a built in G -Sensor and night vision functionality which is used to lock away important files from the result of an impact. This dash cam is also able to record night images in high quality to ensure that if any issue occurs while driving at night it can also be recorded.

Dashcams are an essential for anyone who drives for a living. Why not take a look and invest?

5.Road angel 2.4 Speed camera.


The Road Angel Pure doesn’t come cheap, but it’s well worth the investment, especially when your job is primarily based on the road. Speed cameras exist to make the roads a safer place, but it can be hard to keep track of speed limits and cameras where you’re travelling on different roads every day. The Road Angel PURE 2.4″ Speed Camera Detector uses WiFi and GPS to keep you up to date with speed limits, camera locations, and more. So, in tandem with keeping you safe it can help you avoid unnecessary fines.

The large screen on this device is easy to read and has touch sensitive buttons. It’s easy to mount it onto your dashboard, and you can even choose from different sounds to customise your alerts. All you need to do is just hook it on the dash and set off.

If gadgets can make your life easier and more enjoyable on the road then why not invest in one?

At we want to ensure that your life on the road is as safe and as comfortable as possible.  It’s important to protect yourself against the unexpected! Why not let help you get the best cover at the best price?