Van Insurance FAQ

What do you do at

At, we strive to provide you the best Van Insurance policy, tailored to suit your specific needs for the best available value. We work with a large number of different underwriters in order to provide a broad range of products for our clients. Our team of Van Insurance specialists have a wealth of knowledge in the commercial insurance industry and are always happy to help., managed by City Financial Marketing Group Ltd, is a member of the Irish Broker Association and has been trading for over 20 years.

How does quote the best value premiums? insure more vans then any other insurance broker in Ireland. By being the biggest it allows us to negotiate better rates for our Van InsuranceWith our unique quoting system we can provide the best Van Insurance Quotes on the Irish market. We always reward safe drivers with the best available prices. If you do have a claim history, we can tailor a policy that will provide you with the best possible benefits at a competitive and fair price.

What van insurance cover options are available to me?

There are three types of Van Insurance available:

  • Third Party Only: If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, Third Party Only van insurance will cover you for claims made by third parties against you for personal injuries or property damage. If you are driving an older vehicle, third party insurance may suit you.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft: This policy has all the benefits of third party insurance but will also insure you for the event of theft, attempted theft ,or any fire damage done to your vehicle. If your vehicle is a little older, and/or has a bit of wear and tear, but you are not willing to just cover third party claims, this may be the best option for you.
  • Comprehensive: This policy will cover you for all the above as well as any damage that may occur to your own vehicle in the event of an accident. If you are looking for peace of mind knowing that you are covered in all eventualities, comprehensive cover is the policy for you.
Is windscreen cover included on my comprehensive van insurance policy?

Most of our comprehensive polices will automatically include windscreen cover up to a certain limit. We will notify you prior to cover if this has not been included on your policy.

Is windscreen cover automatically included on my third party fire and theft/third party only van insurance policy?

We will always advise you prior to purchase of your Van Insurance policy what benefits are included.

I've purchased a policy with, so what happens next?

At we like to make things quick and easy for our clients. Our Van Insurance specialists will bring you through the process with the minimum fuss, all we require are some documentation that can easily be obtained.

Once you have paid for your Van Insurance policy we will issue you a cover letter. This will be posted to your home address. The cover letter will confirm that we have placed insurance cover on your van and it will also set out what we require you to do. Typically this will require you to sign a proposal form. When signing the proposal please check that all the information is correct. If you believe that any of the details are incorrect please contact our customer support team 01 6606900.

We will most likely also ask for a copy of all drivers licences (make sure to copy the front and back of the licence). If you have held previous insurance in your own name we will require a letter of no claims bonus from your last insurer. If you have been a named driver on someone else’s policy we will require a letter of driving experience. There maybe other documents we require such as the vehicle licensing certificate or medical certificate. All these documents will be outlined on the cover note.

What documentation is required?
  • Proof of No Claims Bonus
    If you have previously been insured, we will ask you to provide us with a Certificate of No Claims which will prove your claim free driving experience. If you were a previously a named driver, you will be asked to supply a letter of driving experience which can be obtained from your previous insurance company.
  • Proposal Form
    In most cases you will need to sign and return a proposal form. The proposal form will include information on your policy and personal information. Signing the proposal verifies to us that all the relevant information is correct and true.
  • Drivers Licence
    We require a copy of the front and back of your licence. If there are named drivers on the policy we will also require a copy of their licences.
  • Gap in Cover Letter
    If there has been a gap between your last insurance policy in your own name and the inception of your policy with we will ask you to fill out a gap in cover letter to confirm that you were accident and claim free during this period.
  • Direct Debit Mandate
    If you have chosen to pay your policy by direct debit, we will issue a mandate in your welcome pack to be signed and returned. It’s as simple as that!
What is the best way to return documentation?

Please return documentation by post to our office in Terenure. Alternatively you can email documents to If you are nearby, you can also drop into our office and one of our advisors will be more than happy to help!

Our address is:, Insurance House, 62A Terenure Road North, Terenure, Dublin 6w, D6W CF54. Tel: 01 660 6900

When do I receive my van insurance certificate and disc?

Once we have received the proposal form, requested documents, and payment, an annual insurance certificate and disc will be issued to you.

I currently drive a car but would like to change to a van. Can I transfer my No Claims Bonus?

Yes. We can arrange to match the No Claims Bonus you have earned on your private car and transfer this discount to the van.

I also have a private car. How does this affect my quote?

At we have exclusive discounts for van drivers who either have a private car or are named on their partner’s/spouse’s private car policy. Just ask one of our Van Insurance specialists for more details.

How can I make change to my existing policy?

To make a change to your existing van insurance policy please call us on (01) 660 6900, select option 1 ( and then option 4 (all other queries) or email The most common changes are listed below.

  • Change of Vehicle: If you have a new van or if you have been provided with a temporary vehicle due to repairs, just contact our office where our team will ask for some information on the vehicle and the changeover can be done immediately.
  • Adding Drivers: If you wish to add a driver to your policy, you will need to provide us with the following information: name, date of birth and driving/claims history. If you wish to remove a driver, just notify one of the team and we can process it over the phone.
  • Proposal Form: If there is some information on your proposal form which is incorrect or you wish to query, you can amend the form itself, sign it and email to or call us for further clarification.

PLEASE NOTE: No cover will be in place for any alterations until confirmed by us.

What are the ‘Open Drive’ and ‘Bonus Protection’ options?
  • Open Drive: Open Drive gives you the freedom to let someone else drive your van on a day to day basis. The general conditions would be a fully licensed driver with a clean history. Please refer to your policy booklet for full details of age and license restrictions. Open Drive will never cover you to drive another vehicle through your own policy.
  • Bonus Protection: There are two types of bonus protection: Step-back Protection and Full Bonus Protection. Step-back Protection will, in most cases, protect two years of your No Claims Bonus depending on your bonus level. Full Bonus Protection will protect your bonus entirely. Please refer to your policy booklet for more information on your level of bonus protection.
What do I do if I require a windscreen repair or Breakdown Assistance?

If you have chipped your windscreen or require breakdown assistance please visit our emergency contact numbers page HERE. If you are looking for some additional information or are unsure about any details of your policy just call us on 01 660 6900 and one of our team will advise you.

How do I make a claim?

We know claims can be stressful at the best of times, so we aim to make the claims process as quick and easy as possible. You will find the contact numbers for the relevant insurance company’s claims team HERE. If you have been involved in an incident and are unsure what to do, just call us on 01 660 6900 and we’ll be happy to help.

I need to cancel my policy. What do I do?

The cancellation process is hassle free. Just return your insurance certificate and disc to our office with a letter confirming you wish to cancel your policy. If you wish to suspend your policy, just complete the same process and give us a call to reinstate your policy. Suspending your policy is a great alternative to cancelling a policy and later starting all over again!