Terms & Conditions

Insuremyvan.ie will always try to secure you the best renewal premium based on the details and cover requirements of your previous polices. You may have been offered a renewal with a different insurer and some renewals may have policy changes the details of which will be included in your renewal notice. By paying via our online system you confirm you accept these changes and you confirm your acceptance of the alternative policy and the premium quoted.

The renewal premium quoted is based on the renewal notice issued to you. It is most important that you have fully read this document and that all information and material facts within the renewal notice are up to date and correct. Failure to notify us of any changes to material facts may result in the insurance policy being invalid and could lead to the cancellation of said policy. By paying your renewal via our online system you confirm the information provided on your van renewal notice are correct and up to date. You also confirm you have made us aware of any accidents, claims, penalty points applied to your licence and any motor or non-motoring convictions. Insuremyvan.ie accepts no responsibility to the information not being kept up to date.

Insuremyvan.ie may request further documentation from you such as signed proposal, copy of any drivers licence or an up to date copy of your CVRT. We will confirm to you in writing should any of these documents be required. By paying via the online payment system you confirm you will return to us the requested documents within seven days of the letter sent to you.

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