Fleet Insurance FAQ

What Fleet Insurance cover options are available to me?

Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, Comprehensive.

What documentation is required?

Proof of No Claims Bonus, Proposal Form, Drivers Licence, Gap in Cover Letter, Direct Debit Mandate.

Can I add drivers? Open Drive?

Open Drive gives you the freedom to let someone else drive your van on a day to day basis. The general conditions would be a fully licensed driver with a clean history. Please refer to your policy booklet for full details of age and license restrictions. Open Drive will never cover you to drive another vehicle through your own policy.

What do I do if I require a windscreen repair or Breakdown Assistance?

If you have chipped your windscreen or require breakdown assistance please visit our emergency contact numbers page HERE. If you are looking for some additional information or are unsure about any details of your policy just call us on 01 660 6900 and one of our team will advise you.

How do I make a claim?

We know claims can be stressful at the best of times, so we aim to make the claims process as quick and easy as possible. You will find the contact numbers for the relevant insurance company’s claims team HERE. If you have been involved in an incident and are unsure what to do, just call us on 01 660 6900 and we’ll be happy to help.

I need to cancel my policy, what’s the next step?

The cancellation process is hassle free, just return your Fleet Insurance certificate and disc to our office with a letter confirming you wish to cancel your policy. If you wish to suspend your policy, just complete the same process and give us a call to reinstate your policy. Suspending your policy is a great alternative to cancelling a policy and starting all over again!