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Commercial Van Safety : Top Tips for the Safety of your Commercial Van

Van drivers tend to spend a lot more time on the road than regular drivers, and more time spent driving means more chances of an accident occurring. It is top priority as a van driver to ensure that your commercial van is safe to drive and roadworthy. Here at we have put together some of our top recommendations to ensure the safety of your commercial van not only to keep you safe, but so that van drivers get the best value van insurance with us!

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Safety inside your Van

Visibility is of utmost importance when you are driving, therefore all mirrors and windows from inside your commercial van must be checked to ensure you have the best visibility driving. Double-check the fitting of all mirrors to ensure none are loose or positioned at the wrong angle, and keep windows clean and clear from obstructions. This will not only increase your visibility of the road, signage and junctions, but it will reduce the risk of hitting other motorists and pedestrians because of poor visibility and causing a serious accident.

Commercial van drivers should also regularly check all gauges and warning lights within the vehicle. This is particularly important if you’re driving a van that is older. Over time warning lights and functions can fail and these need to be in full working order to alert you of any issue with your van. The same regular safety checks should also happen for seat belts, driving controls and seats within the van. Not only can faulty objects within your van be dangerous for your safety, but they can also increase your chances of a fine or penalty from the guards due to lack of safety.

Because van drivers spend so much time on the road, they will have to encounter all kinds of weather conditions while driving – particularly in Ireland! Make sure the windscreen wipers, washers and demisters on your commercial van are working correctly. Getting caught in heavy rain, snow or frost without these correctly working can cause a very serious accident.

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Safety on the exterior of your Van

If you have owned your van for a long time, there can be signs of wear and tear on the exterior, particularly with a commercial van that has a lot of road usage. Not all signs of wear are cause for concern, but it is important to be familiar with the ones that you should be looking out for.

Checking the thread depth on all tyres is very important, as well as checking the wheel rims. When the threading starts to wear on a vehicle it can increase the risk of having an accident, so be sure to replace your tyres regularly for peace of mind on your road safety.

Van drivers need to make sure that their tax, van insurance (commercial or otherwise), and CVRT discs on the vehicle are valid and in plain sight on the windscreen of the van. If you drive without any of these present on the front of your van, it is illegal and you will be at risk of a severe penalty if you are stopped by a guard.

Over time some van may have oil leaks, and this can be checked by seeing if there is a pool of fluid that gathers under the van after it has been parked overnight or for a longer duration of time. In addition to this, it is important for any van driver to check the engine oil, water and windscreen washer levels regularly to ensure you have enough if driving a long distance.

Regularly check that all your external lights are fitted correctly and operating correctly. Take particular notice the colour of the light, particularly if you are buying anew commercial van. There are strict rules around the colour lights that are allowed to be emitted from the bulbs of every vehicle.


All of the above tips will ensure that your van is safe to operate commercially, and  that you have put yourself in the best position to get the best value commercial van insurance cover on the market with Get in touch with us today to get a quote!