Revisited: Why is public liability cover so vital?

We get it, being in business is tough. You’re continuously dealing with debtors and creditors, you’re fighting for new contracts and you’re always paying bills. Hence, when it comes to all other various costs, it might be tempting to cut some that you don’t feel are strictly ‘necessary’. A cost which someone in business can not afford to cut however, is public liability cover. Public liability is not compulsory in Ireland like it is in the UK but it is an essential type of cover that every business should possess.

We’ve been over this before but a recap is always important, especially when it’s about a matter as important as public liability.

So what is public liability insurance?


Public liability covers you against the financial risk of death, damage or injury to property suffered by any third party as a result of dealing with you or your business. Public liability policies can cover you for accidents caused at your own premises or indeed accidents caused away from your premises.


Why do you need it?


Before we address the myriad of reasons that outline  why public liability is so important, we need to talk about the rising trend of compensation culture. While forces in different capacities all over Ireland are fighting to regulate this trend, its still undoubtedly impacting a need for appropriate insurance.

Compensation culture is a phrase coined by the media which describes a society in which individuals pursue compensation for every slight infraction and injury by means of litigation.

According to ‘RTE News Investigates’  the number of personal injury claims has increased nearly 50% since 2007. This is a startling figure that highlights a growing trend which has been coined ‘compensation culture’. This is undeniably something that all workers in the public domain should be aware of. While we know budgets are tight, now more so than ever, public liability is not something you want to economise on.

Suppose you own a business that has any contact with the public. In that case, there is always a possibility that you, as a result of your business activities could do damage to another person or their property. This means that you may be liable to pay the awarded fee. In Ireland, the highest personal injury claim ever awarded was €32 million. So, it’s essential to protect your business from the unexpected.

So up to what financial limit does the cover extend?



The answer is that it depends on the nature and size of your business. As a general rule of thumb though, most of our public liability policies provide cover of €2.6 million as standard. Cover of up to €6.5 million, as required by many larger companies, local authorities, etc., is also available on standard policies. can also provide even higher cover upon request.

How much does public liability cover cost?


There are several factors which dictate your public liability premium, including:

  • The industry you work in.
  • The number of employees within your business
  • Your annual turnover.
  • Any previous claims against your business.
  • Whether you work exclusively in one country or if you also work abroad.
  • The excess (the number you pay if a claim is made against you i.e. The higher the excess, the lower the premium).

However, while these factors may seem intimidating, they are all in place to make sure you get the cover you need in the event of an accident. If you go to a respected and trustworthy public liability cover provider, they can discuss potential plans with you in detail and provide the necessary coverage at the best price.

Did you know?


Did you know that if you are trying to cut down costs, if you have a policy with another member of the CFM like or, special rates can be negotiated for public liability premium.

In some cases CFM could arrange cover for you from as little as €1 a day.  If you’re considering investing in public liability, then why not reach out to special brokers. CFM brokers can give you all the details about cover, policies and most importantly price.

If your business comes into contact with the public then liability cover is a must.

If you’re on the hunt for professional and low-cost insurance advice, then why not reach out to Experts at are ready and waiting to help you choose the best liability coverage possible. Get in touch!