Van Driving on Wet Roads: How to Stay Safe

A van driving in the snow

First the snow…next the wet. Met Éireann is predicting localised flooding, particularly in Leinster, in the coming days as the snow brought  by ‘The Beast from the East’ continues to melt. Even if your area escapes actual flooding, you can still expect abnormal amounts of water on the roads. This can make driving conditions dangerous, […]

What does employers liability insurance cover?

employer liability insurance can do much more for you than simply get you the best van insurance at the best price. As part of the CFM Group – one of Ireland’s leading insurance brokerages – we can also meet all your other business insurance needs. This includes public liability insurance and employers liability insurance too. What’s the […]

Safety Kit For Your Van When Driving in Snow

A van driving slow in the snow

Winter is not over yet, according to the weather forecasters. Met Éireann says we should brace ourselves for sub-zero temperatures over the coming week, and that snow is likely in many parts of the country. For van drivers and all other motorists too, that means taking even greater care than usual when driving in snow. […]

One million kilometres…and still going strong!

A man looking out the window of his van

How many trouble-free kilometres would you expect to clock up on a van, if you look after it properly? Maybe 100,000? Possibly 200,000 if you’re particularly careful? Well…how about a cool one million? That’s the amazing total that’s just been hit by a driver in County Carlow. Strictly speaking, James Foley’s vehicle is not a […]

Winter Tyres For Your Van: What You Need to Know

winter tyres

Another blast of cold weather is forecast for Ireland this week, with snow likely in some areas. We’ve already brought you tips on safe driving in freezing conditions…but there’s another step you could take too. That’s to consider fitting winter tyres to your van, if you haven’t already done so. However, you might be unsure […]

What does public liability insurance cover?

what does public liability insurance cover

Being in business can be tough. Dealing with creditors and debtors, chasing new contracts, paying bills and meeting staffing costs can be troublesome. It can be tempting therefore to avoid some costs that aren’t strictly necessary – but sometimes, doing so could cost you far more in the long run. An example is with public […]