How to lead a healthier lifestyle as a van driver

When you’re a van driver, a lot of your time is spent on the road. Early mornings and late evenings become common practice. When you work long hours as a driver you also have a million things to consider, your workers, the maintenance of your fleets, your van insurance, that’s a lot. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while you’re on the road in the van might not always be at the forefront of your priorities. However, it’s very important. If you’re thinking about making a break for a healthier lifestyle then listen up because has some great tips.

1.Eat healthy on the go.


‘Eat healthy’ is a direction that sounds a lot easier than it is. We understand that when you’re running and racing how hard it can be. If you don’t have time to grab breakfast in the morning why not make it the night before? That way, when you get the opportunity to have your breakfast in the van it’s ready. This will help you avoid the unhealthier options that shops and deli’s provide.

If you’re an avid coffee fan try to swap the cappuccinos or mocha’s for the healthier americano option. You can still have your milk in it, but just by avoid the frothier coffees, you’ll be cutting down on the calories.

Bring fresh fruit in the van with you or pick some up at a shop during the day, this will equip you for the moments when you’re feeling snacky. By having healthy bites on hand you’ll find it easier to control cravings.

2.Plan for exercise and follow through.


When you’re working long hours all day or even through the night, it can be extremely difficult to find the time and indeed the energy to exercise. Why not start small? Invest in a mechanism to count your steps and try to set a goal of reaching at least 10’000 steps per day. Then, every month increase your goal by 4000. Eventually you’ll find that you’re getting in more cardio than ever.

Cardio isn’t just great for cutting down on calories but it’s also great for cardiovascular health and all your joints and muscles.

Once you get into the habit of it, why not set another manageable goal, like going to one fitness class or gym session per week? Working nights can be difficult because it often means you have to sleep during the day to catch up. Start small with gym sessions, you can incorporate manageable gym chunks in tandem with upping your steps to feel the benefit of a more fit lifestyle.

3.Improve your quality of sleep.


Sleep is key. Sleep is important for everyone, however it is drastically important for van drivers who have to maintain their concentration on the road for hours on end. We have previously discussed the steps to take if your ever feel tired whilst driving on a shift. You should immediately pull in at a safe place and take a nap. Following that you should drink a coffee. It’s very important to be responsible for tiredness whilst on the road.

When you’re at home however, it’s also important to ensure that you’re getting a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep a night or during the day before a shift. Declutter your sleep space, ensure that you’re going to bed in a tidy room as this helps to induce sleep.

Invest in black out curtains or window coverings that make the room really dark. If you have to catch shut eye during the day, it can be hard enough to fall asleep without the sunlight oozing in the window. With right curtains however, you can create the right environment for falling asleep.

While we all hate this tip, it unfortunately is essential for a good nights sleep. One hour before you intend on shutting your eyes, you should put your smartphone away. Plug it in to charge at the opposite side of the room and substitute it for a book or the paper. This will help to relax you and prepare your mind for sleep.

4.Stay hydrated.


Staying hydrated on the road is another important aspect of maintaining health. The minimum recommended intake of water is 2 litres per day. So, if you’re on the road you should be striving to hit that level at least. Water can help you stay refreshed on the road and will also help your body to function to it’s maximum ability.

Invest in a good sustainable water vessel that will keep your water cold, making it more desirable to drink. There are even bottles on the market now that store all 2 litres together, so you just have to drink one full bottle a day to meet your daily requirement.

5.Take care of your mind.


When you’re working long shifts and still trying to maintain a home life and other daily  household chores, it can be difficult to switch off. However, its very important to look after your mind too. Take time to make lists of things you do and to organise them into manageable chunks.

Do things that you really enjoy on your days off whether it’s a round of golf or a sit down with a good book. Try to adapt a meditation routine as this can be really beneficial for unwinding after your shifts or on annual leave.

Van driving as an occupation can be difficult and the hours can be long and demanding. It’s very important not to sacrifice your health for your job when you can work on both simultaneously.

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