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How to get the best value van insurance 

How to get the best value van insurance 

At, we understand that finding the cheapest van insurance that covers all your needs is not an easy task. However, it’s important to remember when it comes to choosing the best van insurance policy, you should focus on getting the best value for your money rather than simply looking for the lowest price. That’s why have put together a few tips that might help knock some money off your van insurance premium whilst also ensuring you’re getting the best value for money.  

Van size 

In some circumstances, smaller vehicles cost less to insure than larger vehicles due to the reduced engine power. It’s a good idea to consider your van size and its suitability for what you need it to do. You might unnecessarily pay more in your insurance premium for van capacity that you don’t require.  

Van usage  

The purpose for which you use your van may affect your van insurance premium. When applying for van insurance, you will be asked about your intended use of the vehicle. If you are using the van for work purposes, your job title and the associated risk it carries may also be taken into consideration when determining the price.  

Van security 

If a van has a high level of security features, this may reduce the cost of your van insurance premium. Alarms and immobilisers are security features used to reduce the risk of burglary. Trackers are also useful features that can help locate your van if it is stolen.  

Van modifications  

Making alterations to your van from factory standard – whether the objective being to improve performance or van appearance – may increase what you pay for insurance as modified parts are usually more expensive/difficult to replace.  

Drivers included in the policy 

It is worth reviewing what drivers will need to be included in the van insurance policy. Including or adding an inexperienced driver or young driver to your van insurance policy could result in an increase in your premium. Alternatively, including an experienced driver to your policy may lead to a cheaper premium.  

Increase the excess  

The excess is the amount you are prepared to pay on any claim on your policy. If you’ve been claim free, you could consider increasing your excess as this may also reduce your van insurance premium.  

Build up your no-claims bonus  

For every year you are driving without an accident or a claim, you are entitled to a year’s no claims discount. These discounts are then used to reduce your insurance premium. This is usually obtained at the renewal stage of your insurance policy and is issued with your renewal invitation pack. 

Private car ownership  

At we have exclusive discounts for van drivers who either have a private car or are named on their partner’s/spouse’s private car policy. Just ask one of our Van Insurance specialists for more details.  

Honesty and accuracy 

You must be honest about all aspects of your policy, from where you keep your van overnight to what the intended use of the van is or whether you have any criminal convictions. Providing incorrect information could lead to claim rejections, which can also increase the price of your premiums in the future. 

When searching for cheap van insurance, customers sometimes end up saving in price what they lost in coverage. At, we don’t want our customers to compromise on cover as this could eventually result in a greater expense in the future. Ring us today to identify out more ways to find not only the cheapest but also the best value van insurance! 

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