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How To Choose The Right Insurance Broker

Choosing the right insurance broker is important when you are looking for insurance for your van, house or car. You should consider a number of factors including what the broker specializes in, who offers impartial advice and who has your best interest in mind.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the difference between an Insurance Broker and a direct Insurance Company, what you should look out for in a broker and who who offers the best customer service.

What’s the difference between an Insurance Broker and an Insurance Company 

An insurance agent works for one particular insurance company and their loyalty is with that company. They provide insurance quotes and advice based on that company stable of products and as a result, limits consumers options to compare different products.

An insurance broker is not allied to any insurance company and can explore the market to find the best policy for clients. Insurance brokers have a distributor relationship with multiple insurance companies which allows them to compare policies to find the best premium and coverage tailored around a client’s needs.


With the wide variety of insurance providers available on the market consumers may feel there are too many options to choose from. A broker can help clients by providing them with unbiased and informed advice when choosing the best policy for them.


An insurance broker is interested in creating long-term relationships with their clients. To build customer loyalty a broker will spend time getting to know their clients. In comparison, an insurance company cannot offer a personal relationship with their clients. Clients are normally dealing with a different person each time they contact the company and as a result, no relationship is maintained over time.


Insurance companies don’t always inform a client about the different types of covers available. In comparison, insurance brokers carry out research and educate the clients on the different types of covers available to them.

Claims Service  

Insurance brokers understand the burden and stress of going through the claim process and manage the claim on the client behalf. An insurance broker can help the client through this difficult time

Comparison insurance websites aren’t always the best option 

The policies on offer on comparison sites are more generic and aren’t tailored towards the client’s individual needs. Insurance brokers have specialist expertise and are able to provide guidance on policies that meet clients’ individual needs.

How to Choose the Right Broker 

When selecting a broker, check with the Central Bank of Ireland that they are regulated in Ireland, are registered with Brokers Ireland and qualified to industry standards. they have earned their insurance industry qualifications.


There is a lot of companies out there selling insurance policies that it hard to know which one is best for you. A factor that sets aside a great insurance broker is the advice they provide you. A great broker will be able to provide you with detailed information related to your insurance policy that helps maximise your protection and minimise your insurance costs.

At Insure My Van, our objective is to communicate easily with you and lay out the best options for your next insurance policy. We don’t pressure you into a particular product but provide you with enough information to make an informed decision and leave the final decision up to you.

Customer Service 

With customer service, it really is the little things. You need to know certain technicalities will not be an issue when it comes time to make use of your insurance coverage.

When selecting an insurance broker it’s highly advised to do what you can to get a good feel for the customer service that they offer to their clients. Layout a comprehensive list of “what ifs” for the broker and assess each response as either satisfactory or not.

At Insure my van, we pride our self on our customer service. Our highly trained insurance agents have the industry knowledge necessary to help you get the best cover.

Our team are all based in our office in Terenure, Dublin 6w and available to answer any queries you have by phone, email or social media from 9am -6pm from Monday to Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday.

What’s Their Specialism

Insurance Brokers can specialise in a variety of different products and occupations.  It is recommended to go with a specialised insurance broker because their knowledge of your insurance needs are more specific than a broker or direct provider who offer a variety of insurance policies, their knowledge on your area might be more generic than specific.

Insure My Van specialise in offering private and commercial van insurance to clients all over Ireland. We deal with van insurance and only van insurance – that’s what makes us the best! We’re Ireland’s largest van insurance broker and determined to get our clients’ low cost van insurance with great policy benefits.

Other benefits of choosing Insure my van for your van insurance include:

  • Windscreen cover *
  • Breakdown/Roadside assistance *
  • Legal expenses cover *
  • Cover for driving other commercial vehicles *
  • Mirror No Claims Bonus from your commercial vehicles or private car, to help save you even more
  • Bonus protection available
  • Contents cover available
  • Open Driving cover available
  • Irish-based contact centre to deal with your policy and answer any questions

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