how much does van insurance cost

How much does van insurance cost

Before you can find out how much your van insurance will cost, you will need to identify whether you require private van insurance or commercial van insurance. If you use your van for business reasons, then it is necessary to have commercial van insurance. In this blog, Insure My Van discuss what you will need to know before you take out commercial van insurance in Ireland and how you can get a rough estimate of what it will cost. 

how much does van insurance cost

How much does commercial van insurance cost?  

So, you are interested in finding out how much van insurance typically costs in Ireland. The cost of your van insurance premium will be determined by the type of cover you sign up to. You can choose from various coverage levels, such as third party, fire & theft, or fully comprehensive insurance. The several types of commercial van insurance available have varied fees and the risks that they protect you against also differ quite significantly. These fees are calculated against the haulage type and usage type that your business wants. The final fee is accumulated from measuring these factors against the potential risk and the value of the goods you are carrying, and this sums up the insurance premium that you will be offered. 

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Factors that affect the cost of your van insurance policy 

As you can see, many factors contribute to determining the cost of your van insurance policy. However, many people do not realize the type of business activities that you are engaged in also affect the cost of your van insurance premium. Different business activities and job occupations carry different associated risks. When you apply for a van insurance quote, most insurance companies will ask you to specify your job occupation and the level of risk associated with your response will be reflected in your van insurance premium. Other factors that will be considered when calculating your car insurance premium include your driving history, the type of van you will be driving, additional drivers included in the policy, where you keep your van overnight, and the operating hours of your business.   

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Extra benefits that can be included in your van insurance policy  

Some insurance companies will include certain benefits in your insurance policy that will significantly reduce your van insurance costs. For example, some benefits that Insure My Van offer with our van insurance policies are things like roadside/breakdown assistance, windscreen cover, trailer cover, legal expenses cover, cover for driving other commercial vehicles, monthly payment options, contents cover available and bonus protection available. The additional benefits vary between different insurance companies; therefore, it is worth investing time into discovering the bespoke benefits that each insurer provides.  

Go through an insurance broker  

If you’re looking for a low-cost insurance premium, then we highly recommend using an insurance broker to help you seek out the best deal on the market. Insurance brokers have negotiated some of the best rates with their motor insurers and they can pass these savings onto you. By going through an insurance broker, you also benefit from the expertise of the insurance specialists working with the insurance company.  


The best way to find out exactly what van insurance will cost you in Ireland is to request a quote on your van insurance. At Insure My Van, we can offer some of the most competitive rates on van insurance in Ireland. Our van insurance experts would be happy to help you start making savings and reduce your van insurance costs today. Get in contact on 01 660 6900 or request a van insurance quote online.