employer liability insurance

What does employers liability insurance cover?

Insuremyvan.ie can do much more for you than simply get you the best van insurance at the best price. As part of the CFM Group – one of Ireland’s leading insurance brokerages – we can also meet all your other business insurance needs. This includes public liability insurance and employers liability insurance too.

What’s the difference between public liability insurance and employers liability insurance?

Essentially, the difference relates to who actually brings a claim against you.

Public liability insurance protects against claims made by a third party who has suffered loss or damage as a result of dealing with your business.

A person who slips on a wet shop floor is an obvious example. Others include:

  • A carpet fitter accidentally breaks an antique vase in a house. The homeowner sues for the value of it.
  • A visitor trips over carpet in an office reception area and injures their knee. They need surgery and physiotherapy, and sue for medical costs.
  • A plumber damages a pipe which then leaks water into a company’s computer server room. The plumber can be held liable not just for the cost of the damage, but also resulting losses through the company being unable to trade during the downtime that follows.

Here you can find more on what’s covered by public liability insurance.

So what does employers liability insurance cover?

Employers liability insurance protects instead against claims made by employees, past or present.

You have a duty of care to all employees. If they suffer loss or injury through working for you, they may have grounds for a claim.

Approximately 7,500 workplace accidents are reported to the Health & Safety Authority (HSA) each year. The agriculture, construction, and transport sectors account for most of them, but claims can arise from any workplace.

Examples of how a claim may arise include:

  • An employee or former employee says they have developed back problems as a result of ongoing manual handling duties. They say they never received proper training in the correct procedure. This accounts for approximately one-third of all injuries reported to the HSA each year.
  • A tradesman suffers an injury through using faulty tools or materials supplied by the employer.
  • An office worker trips over a cable that is running across the floor.

In these and other cases, the employer may be held accountable not just for medical costs incurred, but also legal fees and ongoing losses suffered by the other party. That’s why having employers liability insurance is so important. It deals with all such claims and associated costs, rather than your business having to meet them directly.

How much does employers liability insurance cost?

As part of the CFM Group, we are able to offer employers liability insurance and public liability insurance at rates that work out as low as €1 per day.

You can save even more if you bundle it with your van insurance or another policy from our of affiliated companies. They are:

To get a quote for either or both public liability insurance and employers liability insurance, just fill in our online quotation form.

One of our specialist team will soon be in touch to take further details and deliver you a price. You could be surprised just how low it might be!

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